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Nov 29, 2023

Pawsome Adventures Co-Founder Uses New Book to Promote Disability and Service Dog Awareness

Nonprofit leader and children's book author Amy J Falk is on a mission - to spread awareness about disabilities, service dogs, and inclusion through the power of storytelling. Amy's latest book continues this important work.

Titled "Trackr the Super Service Dog," Amy's new release tells the tale of Trackr, a devoted service dog who gains superpowers and uses them to save the day. With underlying themes of friendship, empathy and everyday heroism, the book aims to delight young readers while imparting meaningful lessons.

Amy co-founded the nonprofit Pawsome Adventures which provides education, training, advocacy and support for service dog handlers and their families. Her passion for the cause drives her writing - "Trackr the Super Service Dog" is the latest addition to Amy's collection of children's books about service dogs published since 2009.

When not managing Pawsome Adventures or writing uplifting children’s tales, you can find Amy raising her own "super dog" assisting with her wheelchair. Her firsthand experience allows Amy to authentically and accurately portray details of living with a disability with the goal of promoting awareness and inclusion.

Proceeds from “Trackr the Super Service Dog” will directly support Pawsome Adventures’ programs serving the service dog community. With charming illustrations bringing the story of Trackr to life, Amy hopes readers both young and old will enjoy the book while also learning empathy and compassion.

To learn more about Amy's works, Pawsome Adventures, and service dog advocacy, visit Together through outreach, education, and empowering stories, we can create a more inclusive world for all.