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Children's books by Author Amy J Falk

Here are a variety of books written by our co-founder, Amy J. Falk, that promote inclusivity and learning for readers of all ages. Amy has authored children's picture books, middle-grade chapter books, and young adult novels that provide insight into what a service dog means to the person it assists.

Her books allow readers to learn about unique perspectives and experiences in an accessible, engaging way. No matter their age, background, or abilities, readers will find relatable characters and stories that speak to the human condition.

Amy draws from her personal experience partnering with her service dog, as well as extensive research, to authentically portray the impact a service dog has on a person's daily life. The unconditional love and support these special animals provide shine through on every page.

We hope you’ll explore Amy’s books and discover why a service dog is so much more than a pet to the person they help. Just click the link below to find the full collection of inclusive, illuminating books for readers of all ages:

Trackr's Tale
Sophie's Independence
Trackr The Super Service Dog
Counting With Phoenix The Service Dog
Remy To The Rescue Paperback
The Ultimate Sacrifice: A fictional short story about adoption
Mr. Nutty
The Adventures of princess Keegan
A Dog Named River
Pawsome Adventures Coloring Book
Heart In Time
Learning The Rainbow With Trackr
Unleashing Justice