Community canine nutrition classes

Join us for regular community outreach classes about how your can better feed your canine for a healthier longer life. 

This will include foods he can eat as well as what foods are toxic for your canine friend.

1 on 1 canine nutrition consultation

We're able to work with you one on one with you and your canine to help you find the healthy foods that will work best for your canine!

You'll learn the healthy foods that will provide the best benefit for your canine as well as what foods are toxic to canines


Community and small group canine Nutrition classes

Is your community or small group interested in hosting a canine nutrition class? We're here for you! create a strong and memorable brand identity.


1 on 1 Canine training consultation

Do you Need help getting your canine to obey or stop doing destructive behavior? 

Do you need help with retraining your service dog?


Service dog awareness community or small group classes

What you need to know about service dogs and how to interact with them in your community. If you have a service dog we will help you to better understand laws, rules, and regulations and how to best advocate for yourself.


Community business Accessibility and awareness consultations

Does your business have access to those in wheelchairs or scooters? Are you update to date with the ADA rules and regulations for your business? We can guide you through the processes.