Tips for doggy festive holiday

Nov 29, 2023

Enjoying the Holidays with Your Canine Companion

The holiday season brings plenty of tasty temptations, but not everything that looks delicious to us is safe for our furry friends. As you prepare your Christmas dinner and festivities this year, keep in mind a few simple guidelines to ensure your dog can share in the holiday fun without getting sick.

Know the Naughty List

When planning your menu, be aware of ingredients and foods that could wreak havoc on your dog's digestive system. Rich gravy, fatty meats, sweet desserts, and spicy dishes are typically on the “do not serve” list when it comes to canine cuisine. Other items to keep away from curious canine noses and paws include onions, garlic, grapes and raisins, chocolate, bones, and anything with xylitol or caffeine.  

Provide Festive Treats

While you'll need to be vigilant about your own plate of holiday delicacies, you can make safe treats and toys to include your four-legged family members. Set out some store-bought or homemade dog biscuits in a fun Christmas tin, serve up a bowl of plain turkey meat with no seasoning or scraps, or stuff a toy with peanut butter for them to enjoy while you dine.

Eat in Separate Rooms

Even if you prepare special tasty and non-toxic offerings for the dog, it's best to enjoy your own holiday meal in a separate room. With so many new smells and stimuli Christmas day, your dog is bound to get excited and have difficulty resisting temptation. Close them out of the dining room or eat in the kitchen while they munch away in another area of the house.  

With a little care and planning, your faithful companion can take part in the Christmas celebrations this year! Focus on canine-friendly foods and fun so you and your dog can have a merry time.