Volunteers needed!

Nov 29, 2023

 Empowering Service Dog Handlers & Their Families

Pawsome Adventures is dedicated to spreading awareness about the life-changing role of service dogs while providing support and resources for handlers and their families. We rely on community donations and volunteers to carry out our mission. Here are some of the key ways you can get involved:

💙 Donate fabric, sewing supplies, craft items, jean garments and more. We repurpose materials to create helpful products for service dog handlers.

🐾 Volunteer your skills - crafting, marketing, events, community outreach, social media and more!

📢 Spread the word and help us garner local support, engagement and sponsors.

🐾 Attend our educational classes supporting service dog handlers.

Get In Touch Today to join our mission! Contact Co-Founder Amy J Falk with questions or contributions.

Amy J Falk

Canine Trainer, Nutritionist & Accessibility Consultant

507 312 9259

[email protected]


We appreciate you helping further our goal of empowering service dog handlers through your generous donations and volunteered time. Let's make a positive impact together!